Oldwood Wines

Oldwood Wines is just starting - follow our journey


I am adding a small vineyard of 250 vines to our smallholding.  planting will take place in 2024 so the first bottles of wine should be ready in 2027.  I have now planted all of the vines, put up the trellis.  Bookmark this page to follow our journey with pictures posted on the instagram site linked below


The Vines

I will be planting a mixture of two vines


Muscaris - a hybrid muscat grape

Solaris - a hybrid grape with hints of gooseberry, citrus and elderflower with high acidity


The use of hybrid varieties should allow me to minimise spraying and run along organic principles


Old Wood Farm Holiday Cottages


The vineyard will be planted next to the cottages.


We operate the cottages through AirBnB

Paul and Liz

We live at Oldwood and run a holiday cottage business on site


We hope the vineyard will add interest and hope our guests may be able to enjoy a bottle of wine with us.